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Seriously ... Y am I doing this!?
I mean ... who would donate something here!?
This is nonsense!
And I must be a real idot for starting this.
Hehe ... yh ... 'boku' wa honto ni baka desu.
(Don't no if this is correct - I'm sry, my Japanese is noct SO good - Gomen'nasai!)
(And YES - BOKU!!! Oi, oi! Don't tell me I can't use this word! [Same goes for "oi" of course!])

I got Points!
I can't believe it!
It wasn't just a dream!
I rly got points!
And even 5! Wow!
5 Points! O.o
I'd never thought that I would rly get points!
Omg - I'm happy now!

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Danganronpa 30 Days Challenge: Day 5

And what would your SHSL execution be like?

What the ...!?

My exe... !? 

I wouldn’t murder anyone so I wouldn’t be executed!
But ... eh ... 
(hahaha I couldn’t even say what my real SHSL would be ...
and now I should say how my non-existing SHSL would be executed!?
Monokuma would probably just say “You have no skills or talents or what so ever and nobody would fall in despair if you died so you can just go on living.”)
ok ... well ... assuming I would be the Super High School Level Lawyer ... 
well, how would you execute Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice?
I guess how ever they would be executed I would be exectued too.
But I say it again: I wouldn’t murder, so ...
Danganronpa 30 Days Challenge: Day 4

If you were an SHSL anything, what would you be?

You know ... I‘ve been thinking about this ... and doing tests for that ... for some time now ... 
and I just can’t come to an answer ...
because ... I have absolutely no talent. 
Nothing that I’m particularly good at. 
Well ... accept for playing Quidditch on the computer maybe - at least I think I’m quite good in that. 
According to tarot cards my life is determined by luck ... so .. 
but honestly, I consider myself as unlucky as Naegi-kun ... ^^; 
I thought ... maybe Role-Player, since I love role-playing - and I think I’m good at it ... but ... to be an SHSL you don’t have to be ‘good’ - you have to be the ‘best’ - you have to be ‘ultimate’! 
I don’t know ...
Atm I’m doing an internship and one of my colleagues called me the “SHSL trainee” (I told her about Danganronpa). 
If I had to talk about my strongest traits I’d say that it’s loyalty and patience and the thing that is most important to me is friendship
And I’m also very curious
But ... how would you call someone like that? 
And ... is that even a ‘talent’? 
Loyalty + patience = a dog?
Seeker? (Nosy parker sounds so negative and Investigator sounds to ‘professional’)
How about SHSL DigiDestined
Well ... I guess that would be Taichi or someone ... 
Maybe I should think more what I want to be - and what I could be.
When I was between 14 and 18 ... what was I interested in? What was my hobby? What did I want to become?
And the answer is quite simple: The law
I LOVED Ace Attorney - ok, I still LOVE it! 
I wanted to study law and become a defense attorney. 
We had the law books in our school library and I always wanted to read them.
And now I rly regret that I never did it. -.- 
And of course I also didn’t study law, but education (as you might have guessed). 
But if ... yh, if I just had read this books ... if I had done more for my hobby ...
then ... 
I think ... maybe ... I could have been the 
Super High School Level Lawyer then. 
That’d sound awesome. ^_^
And it would have been so my thing. :D
Super High School Level Good Luck ... ?

According to Tarot cards my life is determined by luck
I wanna be called Makoto Naegi from now on! 
Danganronpa 30 Days Challenge: Day 3

Favourite pairing:

Makoto Naegi X Kyouko Kirigiri…
Danganronpa 30 Days Challenge: Day 2

Favorite Murder Case:

Murder Case? ... Hm ... I don’t rly like it when someone get’s killed.
So ... I’d say the 6th Class Trial of Trigger Happy Havoc, because ... yh .... u kno (if u played the game) - but .... it’s not rly a ‘murder’ case ... or? is it? does it count as one?

So ... this is the last day ... well, it would be the last day if I still hadn't to do Day 21. 

Your Favorite Color of Tenkai Knights (Go crazy on this one) 

That's an easy one. 
That's my fav color:

(I hope u understand. XD) 
It has nothing to do with Tenkai Knights though ...
(and also nothing with Pokémon) 
my fav is always *insert boys name here*. 

(Source of the challenge:… )

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Ju-chan09's Profile Picture
You can call me Ju-chan. Pronounced like ユーちゃん.
I'm a crazy Otaku-girl from the most beautiful federal state of Austria - SALZBURG!
(Near Hallein to be precisely.)

I also have a tumblr Acc:
(Even though I don't rly like tumblr.)

I play Cute-Hero:
(My name there is Anneliese Edelstein.)

On MeinVZ I'm known as Wσℓƒgαηg ƛ. Edelѕтeιɴ ♫ ⁽ᶤ ᵃᵐ ˢᵃˡᶻᵇᵘʳᵍᵎ⁾

My name on Wenoo (the new old YT) is XMoriRanX (my old YT name before my Acc got deleted -.-)

Everywhere else you can find my by the name Ju-chan09 or Juchan09.

My biography?
Ok, ... *thinks* ... when I was a child I saved the Digiworld ... I think ... and then ... sry, but I rly can't remember what happend afterwards.
Now I'm ... grown up? I suppose not rly. ... Well to put it into one sentence:
My life's a mess!

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