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Seriously ... Y am I doing this!?
I mean ... who would donate something here!?
This is nonsense!
And I must be a real idot for starting this.
Hehe ... yh ... 'boku' wa honto ni baka desu.
(Don't no if this is correct - I'm sry, my Japanese is noct SO good - Gomen'nasai!)
(And YES - BOKU!!! Oi, oi! Don't tell me I can't use this word! [Same goes for "oi" of course!])

I got Points!
I can't believe it!
It wasn't just a dream!
I rly got points!
And even 5! Wow!
5 Points! O.o
I'd never thought that I would rly get points!
Omg - I'm happy now!

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What You Wanna See Happen In The Show (Note: This means you can include as much gay shippy stuff as you want) 

Ok ... honestly! 
To make 13 year old boys gay - that's just stupid! (Sry.)
I totally wouldn't mind if at the end of the show there would be an epilogue where everyone is a grown up (and has children) like in Digimon Adventure 02 and if they'd say then: "Guren and Ceylan found out that they were gay and became a couple. They live together now and adopted a little boy/girl they named *insert name here*" 
Or any of the others - for all I care they could do that with Guren and Gen or Toxsa and Chooki or Toxsa and Ceylan - that's sausage!
But shipping them as 13 year old boys ... 
seriously!? O.o

Ok ... what I rly want ... 
is actually: 
I mean, not that want nothing to happen - 
but I don't expect anything special.
I'll let myself be surprised. 
And I will be happy with anything they do.
(Even if they start shipping Mr White with Gen and Wakamei with Beni ... ok, that's stupid - I wouldn't appreciate that if they rly did that. 
But I doubt that they will. [That show isn't written by stupid, crazy fangirls for heaven's sake.])  

(Source of the challenge:… )

  • Mood: Sickened
  • Listening to: Hitradio Ö3 (OE3)
  • Watching: Digimon Adventure 02
  • Eating: ice cream
  • Drinking: Aspirin-C (medicine)


Ju-chan09's Profile Picture
You can call me Ju-chan. Pronounced like ユーちゃん.
I'm a crazy Otaku-girl from the most beautiful federal state of Austria - SALZBURG!
(Near Hallein to be precisely.)

I also have a tumblr Acc:
(Even though I don't rly like tumblr.)

I play Cute-Hero:
(My name there is Anneliese Edelstein.)

On MeinVZ I'm known as Wσℓƒgαηg ƛ. Edelѕтeιɴ ♫ ⁽ᶤ ᵃᵐ ˢᵃˡᶻᵇᵘʳᵍᵎ⁾

My name on Wenoo (the new old YT) is XMoriRanX (my old YT name before my Acc got deleted -.-)

Everywhere else you can find my by the name Ju-chan09 or Juchan09.

My biography?
Ok, ... *thinks* ... when I was a child I saved the Digiworld ... I think ... and then ... sry, but I rly can't remember what happend afterwards.
Now I'm ... grown up? I suppose not rly. ... Well to put it into one sentence:
My life's a mess!

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