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Ju-chan09 has started a donation pool!
7 / 8
Seriously ... Y am I doing this!?
I mean ... who would donate something here!?
This is nonsense!
And I must be a real idot for starting this.
Hehe ... yh ... 'boku' wa honto ni baka desu.
(Don't no if this is correct - I'm sry, my Japanese is noct SO good - Gomen'nasai!)
(And YES - BOKU!!! Oi, oi! Don't tell me I can't use this word! [Same goes for "oi" of course!])

I got Points!
I can't believe it!
It wasn't just a dream!
I rly got points!
And even 5! Wow!
5 Points! O.o
I'd never thought that I would rly get points!
Omg - I'm happy now!

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Als Pokémon wäre ich/As a Pokémon I would be:

Pikachu 8x

Evoli/Eevee 5x

Pichu 3x

Panflam/Chimchar 3x

Lucario 2x

Schiggy/Squirtle 2x

Guardevoir/Gardevoir 2x

Floink/Tepig 2x

Glumanda/Charmander 2x

Endivie/Chikorita 2x

Celebi 2x



I’m mostly like Ash (as a boy).
(As a girl I’m 33% like Lucia/Dawn/Hikari, which isn’t rly that much, but it was the highest percentage.
On the 2nd place was Lilia/Iris.)



Pokémon-Züchter/Pokémon breeder


Mein Freund/My Boyfriend:

Ash or Drew

(And one test said Gary)


Ju-chan09's Profile Picture
You can call me Ju-chan. Pronounced like ユーちゃん.
I'm a crazy Otaku-girl from the most beautiful federal state of Austria - SALZBURG!
(Near Hallein to be precisely.)

I also have a tumblr Acc:
(Even though I don't rly like tumblr.)

I play Cute-Hero:
(My name there is Anneliese Edelstein.)

On MeinVZ I'm known as Wσℓƒgαηg ƛ. Edelѕтeιɴ ♫ ⁽ᶤ ᵃᵐ ˢᵃˡᶻᵇᵘʳᵍᵎ⁾

My name on Wenoo (the new old YT) is XMoriRanX (my old YT name before my Acc got deleted -.-)

Everywhere else you can find my by the name Ju-chan09 or Juchan09.

My biography?
Ok, ... *thinks* ... when I was a child I saved the Digiworld ... I think ... and then ... sry, but I rly can't remember what happend afterwards.
Now I'm ... grown up? I suppose not rly. ... Well to put it into one sentence:
My life's a mess!

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BubblyHiKaRi24 Mar 24, 2014  Student General Artist
:iconpikafavplz: :iconinloveblushplz:
Just dropping by to tell you that I am back on deviantart. I love your gallery especially those pictures of Analiese. 
Yeah! Yuhu! *happy* =D 
That's a great news! 
Thank you sooo much!
I'm so glad u like them.
It makes me rly happy!
I luv your pics 2! ;) 
Test: :iconju-chan09: ~Ju-chan09 :ju-chan09:
Impolevoir Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Mew... hope you had an awesome new year... :icondragonwant:
Aw, yh, thx ^^ 
Wirklich schade, dass ihr nicht dabei wart.
Aber so richtig lustig wurde es eig eh erst nach Mitternacht wo wir vom Feuerwerk zurück sind 
(und da hättet ihr eh nicht mehr hier sein können).
Ach ja wie sieht's eig diesen Di aus?

Impolevoir Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Meh.... ich weiß leider nicht... nachdem ich ne schularbeit und auch ne cello stunde habe bin ich mir nicht sicher ob ich kommen kann :icononionsighplz:
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