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Seriously ... Y am I doing this!?
I mean ... who would donate something here!?
This is nonsense!
And I must be a real idot for starting this.
Hehe ... yh ... 'boku' wa honto ni baka desu.
(Don't no if this is correct - I'm sry, my Japanese is noct SO good - Gomen'nasai!)
(And YES - BOKU!!! Oi, oi! Don't tell me I can't use this word! [Same goes for "oi" of course!])

I got Points!
I can't believe it!
It wasn't just a dream!
I rly got points!
And even 5! Wow!
5 Points! O.o
I'd never thought that I would rly get points!
Omg - I'm happy now!

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Es ist zwar nicht wirklich wichtig, aber da es auch nicht sonderlich viel Zeit in Anspruch nimmt, wärt ihr so nett und würdet bei dieser Umfrage mitmachen?
Würde mich echt freuen! Danke!
Ps: Wenn ihr mich zum Verzweifeln bringen wollt, dann macht nicht mit.
Aber dafür sorgt Junko sowieso schon zur Genüge. -.-
(Also ... bitte ... ^^" ...
Thx ^^)
The dagger of the wizard

In a small village behind the mountains there lived a little witch named Ala Kazam.
The little witch went to the school of magic, because she wanted to become a great witch.
In this school there was also a little wizard named Hocu Pocu.
Ala Kazam and Hocu Pocu were good friends.
The little witch Ala Kazam had a big dream. It was her deepest wish to visit the Fairytale Forest.
But her parents, Mr and Mrs Kazam, always told her: “No, you can’t go to the Fairytale Forest alone. Because there live dragons in the Fairytale Forest and that’s dangerous. You can only go if you have a friend who will go with you”.
Coincidentally it was also Hocu Pocu’s wish to visit the Fairytale Forest.
But his parents, Mr and Mrs Pocu, always said:  “No, you can’t go to the Fairytale Forest alone. Because there live dragons in the Fairytale Forest and that’s dangerous. You can only go if you have a friend who will go with you”.
When Ala Kazam found out that her friend Hocu Pocu also wanted to visit the Fairytale Forest and when Hocu Pocu heard, that it was also Ala Kazam’s wish to go to the Fairytale Forest, they were both overjoyed.
Now they had a friend who would go to the Fairytale Forest with them. They weren’t alone anymore and so they could go to the Fairytale Forest together.
And Mr and Mrs Kazam, as well as Mr and Mrs Pocu said: “That’s fine. If you have a friend who comes with you, then you can go to the Fairytale Forest”.
The little witch and the little wizard couldn’t believe their luck.
Finally their dream would come true.
But then something terrible happened.
A magical accident happened in the Fairytale Forest and it got closed for all visitors.
All the broomstick-flights to the Fairytale Forest were cancelled.
Also the flight of Ala and Hocu.
The little witch was very sad about that, but her friend Hocu cheered her up.
“Don’t worry”, he said. “They will build up the Fairytale Forest again and then we can go there together. When it’s possible to go the Fairytale Forest then I will go there with you. It’s a promise.”
Time went by.
Ala always wanted to go to the Fairytale Forest, but everyone told her, that there were still after-effects of the magical incident so it still wasn’t save to go there.
One day Hocu Pocu met Abra Dabra. Abra Dabra was half witch and half elf, because Mrs Dabra was a witch and Mr Dabra had been an elf. Elves were known to be the most beautiful, wise, intelligent and kind-hearted species that existed.
And Abra was the most beautiful girl that one could image. But the little elf-witch wasn’t just beautiful. She also inherited her father’s wisdom and intelligence. And apart from that she was also good-natured and kind-hearted.
Her heart was pure and loving. Her smile was touching and cheerful. Her voice was melodic and gentle. Her way was funny and friendly.
Abra Dabra and Ala Kazam soon became good friends and Ala even started to call Abra ‘sister’.
And Hocu Pocu fell in love with that wonderful and magnificent girl.
She was anything a boy could dream of – she was anything anyone could dream of. All of her – her looks, her mind, her heart – were just perfect and marvellous. She was the most amazing girl that you could find in this world. Whenever you saw her you just felt happy and felt the need to hug her and the whole world. Because when she was around all your worries seemed to be gone and everything seemed to be alright.
So Hocu Pocu was really lucky. He was probably the most lucky wizard in the whole world, because Abra Dabra, this ultimate enchanting girl, also fell in love with him.
“I love you so much, my dear Abra”, he told her.
“I love you even more, my beloved Hocu”, she told him.
They both loved each other so much. More than anything else in this world.
They started to have eyes just for each other and to do everything together.
The whole world seemed to revolve around them. For the two of them it couldn’t be better.
They found their ideal partner, their missing part, the person that was chosen for them, the love of their lives.
Every second they spent with each other they felt like they were in paradise.
They didn’t want to spend a single day without the other one.
When it was finally save to go the Fairytale Forest again, Hocu went there together with Abra, his girlfriend.
Ala, the little witch, was left at home alone.
So Hocu broke his promise that he had once made to his friend.
He probably even forgot about the promise.
Hocu and Abra were happy that they could go to the Fairytale Forest together.
But Ala was just sad and disappointed.
She had always clung on that promise that her friend Hocu had given her.
It was that promise that made sure she didn’t lose hope.
The hope, that her one and only dream, the greatest dream of her life, would eventually come true.
It couldn’t bring Ala down that their broomstick-flight was cancelled and that they had to wait some time until the Fairytale Forest was build up again and until it was save again to go there, because she knew, due to the promise of her friend, one day she would be able to go there.
And Ala didn’t mind waiting. She didn’t care how long she had to wait as long as she knew one day her wish would come true.
And she knew that because her friend Hocu had given her that promise.
He would go there with her. As soon as it’s save again to go there we would go there together with her.
Now it was save again.
And now he went there.
But not with her.
Hocu was in the Fairytale Forest together with his beloved Abra.
Ala didn’t blame Abra, because she hadn’t known anything about that promise.
But she was upset by Hocu and doleful by his action.
Tears of sorrow were running down her cheeks as she turned around Hocu’s dagger in her hands.
As Ala looked at the dagger her tears of despair dropped onto it.
With the dagger of her friend, that Hocu had left at home, just like Ala, she stopped the world from turning and the time from flowing.
But only for herself.  
The dagger of the wizard
I wrote a new story. 
It's similar to this one:…
actually Ala and J and one and the same person and the dream/wish in both stories is the same. 

I wanted to write this story like a children's story.
But of course the content is ... 
well, I guess you have to read it, to see for yourself. 

I know my writing skills aren't the best, but I hope I could bring across my feelings with this story, even though. 
Danganronpa 30 Days Challenge: Day 5

And what would your SHSL execution be like?

What the ...!?

My exe... !? 

I wouldn’t murder anyone so I wouldn’t be executed!
But ... eh ... 
(hahaha I couldn’t even say what my real SHSL would be ...
and now I should say how my non-existing SHSL would be executed!?
Monokuma would probably just say “You have no skills or talents or what so ever and nobody would fall in despair if you died so you can just go on living.”)
ok ... well ... assuming I would be the Super High School Level Lawyer ... 
well, how would you execute Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice?
I guess how ever they would be executed I would be exectued too.
But I say it again: I wouldn’t murder, so ...
Danganronpa 30 Days Challenge: Day 4

If you were an SHSL anything, what would you be?

You know ... I‘ve been thinking about this ... and doing tests for that ... for some time now ... 
and I just can’t come to an answer ...
because ... I have absolutely no talent. 
Nothing that I’m particularly good at. 
Well ... accept for playing Quidditch on the computer maybe - at least I think I’m quite good in that. 
According to tarot cards my life is determined by luck ... so .. 
but honestly, I consider myself as unlucky as Naegi-kun ... ^^; 
I thought ... maybe Role-Player, since I love role-playing - and I think I’m good at it ... but ... to be an SHSL you don’t have to be ‘good’ - you have to be the ‘best’ - you have to be ‘ultimate’! 
I don’t know ...
Atm I’m doing an internship and one of my colleagues called me the “SHSL trainee” (I told her about Danganronpa). 
If I had to talk about my strongest traits I’d say that it’s loyalty and patience and the thing that is most important to me is friendship
And I’m also very curious
But ... how would you call someone like that? 
And ... is that even a ‘talent’? 
Loyalty + patience = a dog?
Seeker? (Nosy parker sounds so negative and Investigator sounds to ‘professional’)
How about SHSL DigiDestined
Well ... I guess that would be Taichi or someone ... 
Maybe I should think more what I want to be - and what I could be.
When I was between 14 and 18 ... what was I interested in? What was my hobby? What did I want to become?
And the answer is quite simple: The law
I LOVED Ace Attorney - ok, I still LOVE it! 
I wanted to study law and become a defense attorney. 
We had the law books in our school library and I always wanted to read them.
And now I rly regret that I never did it. -.- 
And of course I also didn’t study law, but education (as you might have guessed). 
But if ... yh, if I just had read this books ... if I had done more for my hobby ...
then ... 
I think ... maybe ... I could have been the 
Super High School Level Lawyer then. 
That’d sound awesome. ^_^
And it would have been so my thing. :D

So ... this is the last day ... well, it would be the last day if I still hadn't to do Day 21. 

Your Favorite Color of Tenkai Knights (Go crazy on this one) 

That's an easy one. 
That's my fav color:

(I hope u understand. XD) 
It has nothing to do with Tenkai Knights though ...
(and also nothing with Pokémon) 
my fav is always *insert boys name here*. 

(Source of the challenge:… )

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My life's a mess!

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